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Greater Function.

Critical Relief.

A Brighter Tomorrow.

Post-injury swelling. Chronic pain. Cancer treatments. Arthritis. Post-operative recovery.

Any or all of these conditions can lead to atrophy, avoidance, weakness, and the risk of re-injury. With comprehensive and holistic interventions, you can reverse or reduce negative effects, restore function, and renew hope in healing.

Let’s take this journey together!

An educational approach:
Helping you make informed decisions about your health

A person participating in physical therapy exercises to strengthen their wrist and upper extremities, with their Certified Hand Therapist in Scarborough, Maine.

We know how challenging it can be to navigate an injury, illness, or chronic pain. With the massive volume of facts, figures, and facilities available out there, it is often overwhelming to know what is best for you.

At Seacoast Hand Therapy, our certified hand therapists work closely with you throughout this healing partnership to ensure you’re fully informed of the interventions that are appropriate for your unique needs. We also work closely with physicians and surgeons to provide a full continuum of support. 

Services Offered

Certified Hand Therapy

Board-Certified Biofeedback Services

Oncology Rehabilitation

Scar Management

Arthritis Rehabilitation

Orthosis Fabrication

Work-Related Injury Recovery

A person participating in physical therapy exercises to strengthen their wrist and upper extremities.

Our Mission

The mission of Seacoast Hand Therapy is to offer a unique patient experience with occupational and physical therapy through patient education and empowerment.

We’re committed to creating a smooth and streamlined process for our patients as you navigate a challenging season and ensure you feel confident in our skills and expertise.

We’re dedicated to providing a positive and healthy company culture so that our team knows they’re valued and they can continue providing premium-level services.

We promise to focus on quality over quantity in every aspect of our practice, from appointments and staff to therapists and interventions.

A patient receiving a wrist splint from their Certified Hand Therapist in Scarborough, Maine.

Our Core Values

Attentive Care

Our patients will not be lost in a sea of patients. Personal, attentive, and warm care in a private, one-on-one setting provides a greater degree of comfort and focus.

Relationship Building

We believe effective healing is a partnership and invest in a genuine relationship with each patient. Set your mind and your body at ease with our warm and trustworthy providers.

Holistic Treatment

Working alongside you, we will evaluate and implement evidence-based interventions that address your needs as a whole being. From Biofeedback services and Hand Therapy to post-surgery and oncology rehabilitation, we’re committed to facilitating your restoration.

Our Treatment Team

Each team member at Seacoast Hand Therapy has been hand-selected to serve our patients and advance our mission. We’re a dynamic and specialized practice that focuses on cutting-edge interventions. Each provider has extensive experience and provides exceptional, compassionate patient care in a private, one-on-one setting.

Our team of specialists is a unique group of both physical and occupational therapists. Together, we blend our combined experience in everything from Hand Therapy, Oncology Rehabilitation, Lymphedema Therapy, and Biofeedback services to facilitate the best possible outcomes for every patient.

Ann Stanton

MS, OTR/L, CHT, BCB, Owner

Biofeedback + Hand Therapy

Hilary Hayner

MS, OTR/L, CHT, CLT, Owner

Hand Therapy + Oncology Rehabilitation

Melanie Kendall


Occupational Therapy + Hand Therapy

Deborah Paul


Hand Therapy

June Leary


Oncology Rehabilitation

Nancy Bouffard


Oncology Rehabilitation

Our Administrative Team

Jennifer Little

Adminsitrative Assistant

Maggie Ottoson

Administrative Assistant

Our History

When you blend decades of combined experience with a healthy and enthusiastic partnership, you get the leadership team at Seacoast Hand Therapy.

“The driving force we share is the passion for providing patient-focused care in a private room, one-to-one with skilled clinicians. Our treatment plans encompass a holistic approach to understanding our patient’s individual goals and needs. We love the independence and the ability to formulate our own practice policies putting our patient’s needs first.”

“I'm so happy that my PCP suggested Seacoast Hand Therapy”

“My initial visit with my therapist to evaluate my arthritic pain was insightful, compassionate and educational. Strongly recommend this practice.“

– Denise B.

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