Hand Therapy in Scarborough, Maine

Specialized Recovery and Pain Relief Interventions

Your hands are your lifeline to doing and feeling anything and everything. We'll help you achieve greater participation.

Eating supper? Picking up the kids or grandkids? Putting in long hours at the office? Working on your favorite puzzle, painting, or another hobby? You need your hands to work for you, not against you. No matter what your preferred or required activities are, chances are you can’t do any of them without optimal function and range of motion in your hands.

Hand or upper extremity injuries and conditions can cause a range of complications, from swelling and numbness to arthritis pain and muscle sprains or strains. These obstacles make navigating daily life more challenging and comfort elusive.

At Seacoast Hand Therapy, we’re here to help you restore function and reduce discomfort for a myriad of hand and upper extremity conditions.

An older woman writing on paper after strengthening her arm through physical therapy.
A person participating in physical therapy exercises to strengthen their wrist and upper extremities, with their Certified Hand Therapist in Scarborough, Maine.

What Is Hand Therapy?

Hand Therapy is the practice of rehabilitating hands, upper limbs, wrists, shoulders, and elbows, and is delivered by a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT). Your Certified Hand Therapist at Seacoast Hand Therapy will blend the scientific knowledge base about the upper limb with practical therapy interventions.

Leveraging evidence-based interventions, our Certified Hand Therapists help you Reduce pain, swelling and numbness, and reverse or decrease condition progression. These techniques will empower you to participate in beloved activities and engage more completely with life.

Hand therapy isn’t just hands – it’s an upper quadrant specialty. Our therapists have specialized training to manage issues from the neck to fingertips, incorporating the whole person in the approach.

What Conditions Do We Address?

At Seacoast Hand Therapy, our CHTs in Scarborough, Maine are well-versed in managing the following conditions, but not limited to:

Hand Therapy:

How does it work?

Hand therapy is a noninvasive treatment intervention that promotes robust recovery from injury, pain, arthritis, or other hand or arm-related conditions. During the initial session, the therapist will evaluate your limb, surgical site, or problem area.

A person participating in physical therapy exercises to strengthen their wrist and upper extremities, with their Certified Hand Therapist in Scarborough, Maine.
Hand in brace during physical therapy treatments.

Here, we will evaluate the extent of your injury or condition, and its functional impact. We will then calculate your existing capabilities, such as posture, strength, and range of motion. Based on this data, our team will develop an individualized treatment plan to help you restore optimal function and reduce discomfort.

These interventions could include exercises, stretches, fine motor skills practice, strengthening, coordination, and joint protection education, to name a few. Depending on the severity of your condition, some of these techniques may sound uncomfortable. While some tenderness is expected, our team practices gentle techniques and will delicately thread the needle between progress and pain.

Our therapists offer specialization in biofeedback services, oncology rehab and lymphedema treatment. In addition, some are Parkinson’s Certified as well as Stroke Certified. We’re here to help you get back to optimal performance and participation and enjoy life again.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hand Therapy

Is hand therapy effective?

Absolutely! Working with a Certified Hand Therapist is an effective treatment option for those suffering from an injury to the hand or upper arm or who suffer from other uncomfortable diagnoses such as arthritis and numbness.

Will hand therapy work for me?

At Seacoast Hand Therapy, we believe healing and restoration are a partnership. We’re committed to walking alongside you as you pursue increased functionality and reduced discomfort through gradual therapeutic treatment. While each patient’s case is unique, we find that most patients find the relief they need.

How do you do hand therapy at home?

Your Certified Hand Therapist will work with you to develop a comprehensive home program including exercise, symptom management, and other strategies that are suited to your unique needs so you can continue to progress between sessions and long term management.

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