Individualized & Attentive Therapy

Patient-Centered and Specialized Therapy in Scarborough, Maine

Our experienced team will show you how to use your body wisely so you can
overcome pain,
stay active, and
maximize your recovery.

For those of you living with hand pain, the most effective treatment is built on individualized care that focuses on your whole being.

Here, you’ll benefit from evidence-based and cutting-edge solutions that provide the best possible outcome with experts who operate as caring partners in your healing journey.

Get back to doing what you love empowered with education and resources at your finger tips.

We’re here to help you prevent future injury and facilitate lasting symptom relief.

Ann Stanton and Hilary Hayner, owners of Seacoast Hand Therapy, with Finn, a Golden Retriever.

“I am so glad I chose Seacoast Hand Therapy for my post shoulder surgery therapy”

“My therapist was knowledgable, caring and intuitive about not only your specific injuries but about your health and well being in general. Your post injury/surgery care is vital to your long term health and I always felt that my therapist was focused on my best interest toward that end.“

– B. M.

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Seacoast Hand Therapy is an in-network private practice that specializes in the treatment of hand and upper extremity conditions. We emphasize patient education and empowerment in order to ensure the best possible outcomes. How can we help you?

Hand Therapy

The Seacoast Hand Therapy team is skillfully adept at treating a myriad of hand-related conditions.

From arthritis and trigger finger to scar management and tendon repairs, our providers are dedicated to delivering individualized treatment and proven solutions for lasting relief.

Oncology Rehabilitation

Cancer as well as its treatment can have multiple long term effects on the body.

Due to the harmful effects of many cancer treatments, it’s critical to receive holistic rehabilitative care as well.

Oncology Rehabilitation services are designed to help you manage and address conditions that result from cancer treatment.

Biofeedback Services

Biofeedback is a non-invasive means to gain insight on the inner workings of the body. Surface sensors provide visual feedback in real time to help reinforce new and healthier habits.

Patients are more actively engaged in their recovery and empowered to transition to a greater degree of functional independence.

1:1 Holistic Care with Certified Specialists

Our sessions are private, educational, and patient focused.

Our compassionate and attentive providers specialize in advocating for your holistic healing and recovery.

Leveraging the latest evidence-based interventions, we’ll walk alongside you one-on-one to restore function, alleviate pain, and promote enhanced function.

We welcome you to our place of healing and restoration.

Our Expert Therapists

Our hand-selected team has been working together for years, over 17 for some of them. We are all driven by a passion for patient-focused care and holistic interventions. Together, we’re committed to understanding individual patient needs and delivering one-on-one treatment.

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A Helping Hand: What Our Clients Have To Say!

“I came to Seacoast after a badly damaged finger tendon failed to heal under a doctor’s care for three months. I had total confidence in my therapist from day one, and it wasn’t misplaced. She was direct, innovative, determined, and has good instincts and an awesome attitude! Very positive experience with the practice as a whole, highly recommend.”

– Dawn Y.

“Wonderful place to go. The staff is very caring and courteous. They truly listen to you concerns and work with you to address your issues and to teach you how to help yourself.”

– Tammy P.

Trusted by Friends, Covered by Insurance

Every insurance policy is different and individual coverage will vary from patient to patient. While physical and occupational therapy is covered by many carriers, you may still be responsible for deductibles and co-pays due at the time of your visit.

To get a clear picture of the cost of your treatment, please contact your insurance company directly regarding your policy and the benefits available to you. For more information about insurance coverage and what to ask your carrier, see this insurance information.

Hallmarks Of The Seacoast Difference

As a highly specialized team, we stand apart in offering this combination of skilled services.

1:1 Private Appointments

Certified Hand Therapists

Certified Lymphedema Therapists

Board Certified in Biofeedback

Decades of Experience

Make Informed Decisions About Your Health And Finally Be Comfortable Again.

We know your goal is to live a long and happy life, today and every day. We’re here to help you prevent long-term injuries, improve hand function, reduce chronic pain, and be comfortable as you go about your daily activities.

Let’s get started together!