Debbie P, Certified Hand Therapist at Seacoast Hand Therapy.

Deborah Paul


“I love teaching the reason behind the exercises and treatments we are doing so that my patients realize how crucial their role is in their recovery process.”

About Deborah

Debbie joined Seacoast Hand Therapy after moving to Maine from the coast of New Hampshire. She brings with her over 40 years of hand therapy experience after working closely with several surgeons in the areas around Portsmouth, Dover and Exeter following her graduation from Tufts University. Debbie is a seasoned Certified Hand Therapist and is comfortable with all facets of hand therapy including severe trauma, crush injuries and burns. She also has had great success treating “overuse injuries” such as tennis and golfer’s elbow, DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis, Trigger Fingers, and conservative carpal tunnel syndrome.

Debbie has many treatments, tips and tricks for patients struggling with any form of arthritis. In the past, Debbie has traveled to Haiti on three separate medical missions helping to establish a hand therapy clinic. Clearly, she is undaunted by any challenge and calmly brings this resourcefulness with her to the clinic. Debbie’s wealth of knowledge, medical mileage, compassion and sense of humor, make her an excellent therapist, mentor and colleague. Seacoast is fortunate that she dropped in to become part of our team.

Debbie lives with her husband and her beautiful dog Toby and cat Izzy, in Standish on the lake. She enjoys baking, gardening, reading, puzzles of all kinds and spending time with her family especially her children and grandchildren.

Debbie P, Certified Hand Therapist at Seacoast Hand Therapy.

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OTR/L - Occupational Therapy, Registered, Licensed

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